Captain Plunderfucker. (ogremarco) wrote,
Captain Plunderfucker.

Ambercon NW

First up was Bliss Stage as run by Ben Bernard. It was just as harsh and emotional as I was hoping. The system worked well for us for the most part, and since Ben Lehman's other game finished early he got a chance to come and observe and take what he says were some really great notes. Everybody was really amazing roleplaying-wise and we all got to be totally heartbreaking in a really rockstar way.

Friday morninng I ran Nine Pieces of Flair. The players took the Amberite personalities and overlaid them onto the employees of Amberjack's restaraunt, one of those hellish places with shit all over the walls. It was a little daunting to try to do comedy in the morning, but once everyone decided that the key to the comedy was to stymie their character's ambitions.

Then I played in James Craig's Paranoia in Amber. It was artful. Hats off to Craig for running a classic Paranoia game and a classic save-the-universe Amber game and having them linked together. it was really fun.

That night was Sea Dracula, hosted by Pol Jackson, which was ridiculous and fun and definitely biased towards the lovely female players and their ability to actually dance. we played two games a murder mystery and a case of theft. In the first the jury decided that that, indeed, was an ugly lamp, and in the second we decided that, yes, Ms. Pouissonne Pouissoffe was prettier than Mr. Rogers. Nuff said.

I spent the long slot on Saturday playing Drew Wood's Dreadwood, a western horror rife with horrible things under the mines, ghosts, zombies, and unsettling feng shui. Definintely and old school mysterie game, and Drew kept us moving along at a brisk pace. The characters were seeded with secrets that preloaded action and clues. Nicely done.

That night I ran The Ruikei Project, an Amber/Akira mashup. Basically I gave psychic teens in Neo Tokyo hard choices that boiled down to have escalatingly awful things happen, or win by using your powers. Using powers set the story cclock forward and made things more intense for everyone. Unfortunately midnight snuck up on us and our actual ending was more contrived than intense. I am my own worst critic. Actually this was a really fun game, and I think I would play it every week. We all had a lot of fun being unabashed fans of the genre and framing scenes down to camera angles.

The last slot on Sunday was Scientific Progress Goes BOOM! a Girl Genius scenario run with Spirit Of The Century light by Jules Morley. It was a huge chaotic fun romp and everything I needed out of a final slot. Oh, and My Traveller boxer character (ala Mickey from Snatch) got to punch Othar Trygvasson in the balls.
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