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Requested post #5

jrcraig42 writes "D&D 4E: Great game, or greatest game?"

4E is a well balanced game that has potential for really fun tactical combat and provides some basic, but well designed roleplaying elements of the top of that wargame style combat. It's almost engineered rather than designed and the parts all fit together and actually work. It's amajor change from previous editions and as opposed to 3rdx the willingness to play it has not worn off in a few short weeks.

But it's still never my first choice to play, never.

So let's go with great, and hope it actually does what it's supposed to do, which is bring fresh new faces into the hobby.

Well, that was certainly short. Wasn't it?


Ok, so there's also the newly released Pathfinder system. I got a chance to flip through this hefty tome the other day and here are my thoughts. Firstly it's fifty bucks, which isn't bad considering that it's huge, full color, and basically a phb and dmg in one. The layout is solid, though unexciting, and the art is decent and well placed. Systemwise it's a bunch of patches put over many of the things that made 3.5 unpleasant for people who liked playing 3.5. That is to say, if you liked 3.5, but were frustrated by little things like thieves being shitty vs undead, then you'll dig on this, but if 3.5 wasn't your thing, then it probably still isn't.

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