Captain Plunderfucker. (ogremarco) wrote,
Captain Plunderfucker.

Another con tip.

The 3/2/1 rule.

I have no idea where this started but it's brilliant.

3 hours of sleep a day minimum
That's solid sleep not dozing off at a table or in the corner. Get at least a little REM, guys. This also goes up as you get older, but we older folks know that.
2 square meals a day minimum
A bagel and a cup of coffee is not a meal, neither is a bag of chips and a diet coke. Get protien, carbs, and some veg into yourself at least twice a day. Fiber helps too, trust me. It's also not all about the calories either, it's about taking a break and just feeding yourself while not going a hundred miles an hour.
1 shower a day minimum
Do I even have to explain this? You stink. I stink. We all stink. Get the stink off yourself, and change your fucking socks and underwear. Oh, yeah, and use deoderant. Use it.

This isn't actually a tip. It's a rule, a hard and fast one. If you break this rule keep your loopy stinky moochy self the fuck away from me.
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