Captain Plunderfucker. (ogremarco) wrote,
Captain Plunderfucker.

Ambercon NW 2

As an overall report the con was a lot of fun. It was great taking Ben down with us and hanging out with Jules and Yi Mei a lot.

The hotel, as always was a great place to be, and I drank more than I ever do, especially over multiple days.

If I had to pick a bad thing it was the main restaraunt. I'm really sick of the criminal practice of slicing up a steak for "presentation." Thanks for the dry, bled out steak. Also, seared ahi should be seared, not cooked through, and that was an uninspired sauce and some bland rice. I should have just eaten in the pubwhere the food is better and not rushed.

In fact, what I had in the pub was excellent, especially the pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed buger, and the chowder I had on friday.

As always their liqor selection is astounding. I poured a whole hell of a lot of Woodfor reverve down my neck for sure. Their new special drink the Bourbon furnace is quite tasty as well, although too sugary for more than a sip for me. Oh, and their new IPA is quite good and has a good flavor as opposed to most IPAs, which have no flavor.
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