Captain Plunderfucker. (ogremarco) wrote,
Captain Plunderfucker.

Ambercon NW 2

As an overall report the con was a lot of fun. It was great taking Ben down with us and hanging out with Jules and Yi Mei a lot.

The hotel, as always was a great place to be, and I drank more than I ever do, especially over multiple days.

If I had to pick a bad thing it was the main restaraunt. I'm really sick of the criminal practice of slicing up a steak for "presentation." Thanks for the dry, bled out steak. Also, seared ahi should be seared, not cooked through, and that was an uninspired sauce and some bland rice. I should have just eaten in the pubwhere the food is better and not rushed.

In fact, what I had in the pub was excellent, especially the pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed buger, and the chowder I had on friday.

As always their liqor selection is astounding. I poured a whole hell of a lot of Woodfor reverve down my neck for sure. Their new special drink the Bourbon furnace is quite tasty as well, although too sugary for more than a sip for me. Oh, and their new IPA is quite good and has a good flavor as opposed to most IPAs, which have no flavor.
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Something has definitely changed in the kitchen of the main restaurant recently. I had some very uninspired food there and found myself eating in the pub more than usual.
I was pretty disappointed by the main restaurant food too. It wasn't badly prepared, necessarily, just, well, odd. At least the things I got. Strange flavors, not quite well assembled.

I admit that my standards are probably way too high. But yeah, I agree with Sim, something changed. A new chef?

I'm also not sure about this, but the bar services seemed either a bit overwhelmed, or just not focused, compared to past years. It's quite possible that we overwhelmed them a bit, or if it wasn't us, it might have been the wedding folks, who from the sound of it, got more that their fair share of booze. :)
The service was much worse overall this year. When we went to dinner there Fri night, the tuna was sent back for being very done instead of seared as advertised. I ordered the game, and the sausage was very good, but the ribs were just shy of burnt, and really dry and tough. Also, the chanetrelle dishes we had were disappointing. Lunch at the Black Rabbit bar was fine, but I agree that the food at the pub was just better. Actually, we didn't have a problem with the service there either...

Next year, we plan to eat off premise on Sat night... Thai or Vietnamese maybe.